Top 10 of 2022: Emily Esposito

by Ashley DeCarbo, Janie Natale, and Julia George

Emily Esposito has a bright future ahead of her and it all started at Shenango High School. Her dedication to her academics and consistent hard work paved the way for a successful future.

Emily’s extracurricular activities that she has enjoyed the most include varsity danceline and concert choir. She was able to become a captain for her senior year of danceline, which came with a lot of responsibilities, but she made friends and memories that will last a lifetime through danceline. Concert choir taught her the importance of dedication and consistent hard work.

Emily learned the true meaning of hard work through her most challenging class, AP Chemistry. AP Chem is known to be the hardest class, and Emily had to take on this challenge online during Covid-19.  However, Emily embraced this obstacle, knowing that it was preparing her for college and in particular, for her passion for the sciences. 

Emily’s biggest influence on her academic success has been her biology teacher, Mrs. Sherry. Emily states, “At the end of the day, Mrs. Sherry was the teacher who influenced me to want to become a biology teacher.” 

The impact of her aunt, Mrs. Rudesill, also shaped Emily.  “ I just saw her work ethic all the time and how much dedication she had to her students and it was just really inspiring. So I would thank her for helping drive me in that sense.” Emily will use that drive as she attends California University of Pennsylvania to major in Biology in hopes of being a Biology teacher.

Emily’s path forward wouldn’t be complete without looking back.   “I will miss the sense of family that you have with all of the sports and activities. It’s such a small school so you can really get close with everyone.”  

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