Top 10 of 2022: Emma Callahan

by Izzy Devivo and Kassidy Peters

Emma Callahan is a student-athlete who can be looked at as one of the most hard-working and dedicated students of the class of 2022. Her work ethic and determination to be the best at what she does has earned her a spot in the Top Ten of the graduating class of 2022.

Callahan has selected her mother to be her biggest influence when it comes to academics. “She has always pushed me to be the best possible student I could be.” 

Emma’s success did not come without some struggles. However, with the motivation and support from her family, she was able to take on the challenge of AP chemistry. Callahan identified this as the class that challenged her the most throughout high school, noting that “there were a lot of new topics and a lot of work.” 

Emma’s most rewarding elective is her online anatomy class. “This class was my favorite because it is what made me interested in the medical field.” 

Callahan’s motivation to excel in the classroom came from earning good grades. Achieving a stellar academic record throughout high school allowed her to do well for herself and laid the groundwork for a promising future. 

It’s not a surprise to most who know Emma that she is an athletic person. She has excelled greatly in track and field and still continues to have great success. This sport has pushed her to be the best she can be. It has also “brought new opportunities that I never would have been able to experience without it.” 

Emma’s plans for the future are to attend the University of Iowa for an athletic and academic career. She hopes to become a physician assistant. “I feel Shenango has prepared me for my plans by giving me challenging courses that will set me up for my next chapter in life. 

“One piece of advice I would give to those who follow in my footsteps would be to always try your best and no matter what you do, remember to enjoy the ride because it goes fast.” 

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