Top 10 of 2022: Riley Bruce

by Reagan Maxwell and Kylee Rubin

Riley Bruce is one of the most hard-working and passionate students in the class of 2022, which has rightfully earned her a spot in the top ten of her class. The excellence she has proved in the classroom extends to other aspects of her life as well. 

Riley credits achieving this goal to her other half. “I think my biggest influence is my brother, Josh. We have studied together for everything because we have always had the same classes. So if I didn’t want to do something he would make me do it. I don’t think I would have [accomplished] nearly as much without Josh.” 

However, this success did not come without struggle. “I think AP Chemistry has been the most challenging course for me. I think the hardest part was receiving all the work at one time and figuring out when to do it.” Riley learned many lessons like time management through this course. 

Although AP Chemistry can be a difficulty, Riley’s all-time favorite class is AP Biology. Bruce says this is her favorite class because “Mrs. Sherry is always letting us talk about random things, along with Mrs. Sherry as a teacher in general.”

The ability to stay motivated through school is difficult for many students. Bruce was able to do this by keeping in mind the high standards she has set for herself. She has always held herself to the mantra that if you want to succeed, “you work for it.” 

Riley’s plans for the future are to attend the University of Chicago, and she is ready for this next step thanks to her teachers.  “All the teachers that I’ve had have been really good about expressing an idea or whatever you wanted to try and just answering questions.”

An important part of preparing for life after high school is having someone to continue to guide you. For Riley, this person is her home, who has been at the forefront of helping her plan and prepare for her future.  “Moms are special in general, but she’s always been super supportive of whatever I’ve done.” 


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