Top 10 of 2022: Matthew Chapnell

By Emily Esposito and Trinity Kohnen

Matthew Chapnell finds himself among the academic elite in his class. He was able to achieve this through his “inner drive to want to do better.” Using this inner drive, Matt tackled his most challenging class. “AP Chem was the hardest class because we spent so long doing all the assignments and we had to do this online [since we were remote at the time].” 

From his most demanding class came Matthew’s most influential teacher, Mr. Vecenie. “He pushed us to do many things outside our comfort zone to accomplish what he knew we could do.” Matt also always counted on the blessing of parents who constantly encouraged him at home.“They pushed me to do good and be better in everything I am involved in.”

Not only has he learned important lessons inside the classroom, but he has also learned many outside of it. One of the simplest of these is to “not do stupid things.”Matt additionally offers these words of wisdom to underclassmen: “Do your homework, pay attention, and study for tests!” 

During his time at Shenango, Matthew’s favorite elective would have to be “STEAM Gadget because it was the most relevant elective to my major.” Besides electives, Matt enjoys participating in the Shenango High School Marching Band. “All the people are so much fun and you can have a great time with everyone.” Not only will he miss all these activities Shenango has to offer, but he will also miss “being able to do sports and music without being judged.” 

In addition to school-affiliated activities, Matt enjoys “building things” in his free time. He utilizes his STEAM skills at home through the leisurely activities of using his 3-D printer. 

Matthew plans to attend Geneva College in the fall to study Electrical Engineering. Matt plans to use knowledge from Shenango such as “being very good at taking tests and absorbing a lot of knowledge in one crack.”

Congratulations on achieving this goal and good luck in your future endeavors, Matthew!

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