Top 10 of 2022: Sophia Bupp

by Madison Deal

Sophia Bupp is a force to be reckoned with, whether she’s involved in a discussion in the classroom, performing on the stage, or marching on the football field.  With all her hard work and dedication throughout her high school career, she has rightfully earned her spot in the class’s top 10.

Sophia credits her older siblings for influencing her academic determination. “I saw all that they’ve done and all the hard work they’ve [completed] throughout the years.”  Sophia is also following in her siblings’ footsteps by taking classes they took when they were in school.   She was influenced by “seeing the different classes they [took] that I’m also currently taking and wanting to do good in those same courses.” In particular, Sophia was impacted by Shenango’s English teachers because “they’re always very upbeat and positive about everything, and they’re very helpful. I find that very motivating.”

Her incredible work ethic helped her get through a challenging hurdle in her academic career, AP Chemistry. Sophia stated, “It’s a very hard class and you don’t really know what you are getting into.” Although AP Chemistry was a difficult hurdle to get over, it gave Sophia many benefits. “It [helped me] gain a better work ethic, and it [also] helped me a lot [with] preparing for college.”

Sophia not only wants to make her family proud, but she also wants to make herself proud. “I want to try and make my family proud with everything that I do, so I try and do my best. I also [feel] like [it’s important] you to make yourself feel good about yourself rather than letting yourself down,” she said.  “This is what I have to look back on, and I want to be proud of what I did, and not be regretting my time in high school.”

The department she is going to miss the most in high school is the music department. “It’s like one big family and that’s where I find my sense of belonging. Knowing I won’t necessarily be a part of those groups anymore makes me realize I’m going to miss them a lot whenever I’m gone.” During the stressful times throughout the years, Sophia found music to be “very freeing and helpful, especially with stress and it helps me calm down. I find it the most rewarding, especially during a stressful school year.”

The extracurricular activity Sophia has loved above all is the school musical. “ It’s fun to be able to put on a show and be able to make other people happy.  I enjoy the experience of bringing life to those different characters and creating something for everyone to enjoy!”

A surprising fact about Sophia is that she enjoys making bread. “ I find it therapeutic; it helps calm me down, especially during a stressful time.” Sophia’s future plans include attending Youngstown State University to major in special education. Congratulations Sophia!


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