7th Grade Wildcat of the Nine Weeks: Ruchi Patel

by Ashley Decarbo and Julia George

The 7th grade student of the nine weeks is Ruchi Patel. Ruchi is successful in school and balances her time well to achieve outstanding grades on top of her extracurricular activities. Ruchi identifies her strongest traits as a successful student as her ability to “get my work done on time” as well as being able to “balance my time properly.” She stays motivated by always keeping her future goals in mind.

Ruchi definitely finds a strong support system at home as she says her parents are her biggest role models for taking care of her and always putting her first instead of them.  They support her not only in her school work but in her two favorite extracurricular activities, dance and swimming. 

Ruchi’s dedication is clearly recognized and appreciated by her teachers.  In her English class, she’s been instrumental in the success of a service project related to the novel A Long Walk to Water.  “Ruchi has stepped up during our Iron Giraffe Challenge. Fro

m writing and revising and re-revising her persuasive donation letter to donating milk jugs, to devoting time after school to count change, her interactions with her elementary classes during their presentations were top-notch,” Mrs. Butchy shared.

Another who observes Ruchi’s hard work is math teacher Mrs. Delaney. “One thing that really stands out about Ruchi is that if she does miss a problem, she wants to see where her mistake is and fix it,” she said.  “She really goes above and beyond with understanding the material.”

Along with Ruchi’s solid work ethic, Mr. Butchy stressed that she is “one of the most polite and kind students.”

Congratulations, Ruchi!

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