11th Grade Wildcat of the Third Nine Weeks: Emilee Fedrizzi

by Madison Deal and Samantha Daugherty

The student of the nine weeks award for the junior class has been deservingly rewarded to Emilee Fedrizzi.  Not only has Emilee proved her academic excellence to her teachers, but also her kind heart and humble attitude make her stand out above all others. It is no surprise that she was nominated for this honor. 

“She is humble, despite having been blessed with many gifts including athletic talent, good work habits, and intellect,” chemistry teacher Mr. Vecenie notes. “She can be placed in any situation and thrive both socially and academically.” 

Mr. Vecenie is not the only teacher who had more than positive things to say about Emilee. Mrs. Merryman, Advanced Placement United States history teacher, states, “Her bubbly and positive personality brightens the classroom as well as her thoughtful insight into conversations.”

For Emilee, her parents’ influence is paramount. “They are the strongest supporters and encourage me in everything I do,” she states, “I know they will [always] do whatever they can to provide for me.”

When it comes to school, Emilee’s future is her biggest motivation. “[I am motivated by] getting good grades and getting into my dream college.” With her work ethic, Emilee is unstoppable. 

Emilee also holds great talent when it comes to athletics. She is involved in track and field, volleyball, and basketball. “It is really challenging because I don’t have as much time, so I really have to plan out what I need to do each day,” Emilee explains. 

Mrs. McKissick sums it up: “Em has such a huge heart. She always has a kind word and a smile on her face. I know I can count on her.”

Congratulations, Emilee!

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