8th Grade Wildcat of the Third Nine Weeks: Alexis Lombardo

by Kassidy Cutchall and Karyssa Robertson

Shenango High School nominates students who showcase their academic accomplishments as well as their kindness for the student of the nine weeks. Alexis Lombardo received the honor for the eighth grade this nine weeks.

For Mrs. Daugherty, Alexis’s demeanor and drive distinguish her from her peers. “I sit in a couple of classes with Alexis and I see that she is very mature, focused, and on task,¨ she said.  ¨She is kind, smart, and always willing to help her fellow classmates. I think she sets a great example of what a star student should be. She is always prepared and has her work done.¨

As an eighth grade student, Alexis strives to be the best person that she can be. This is evident to English teacher Mrs. Barron, who recognized Alexis’s kindness and the effort she puts into all of her work.  “Alexis has an amazing work ethic! She always does her best, she has a positive attitude, and she is kind and respectful.”

Alexis constantly tries her hardest with her work. This is the perfect example of a great role model for younger kids. To Alexis, what makes her a successful student is,  “probably doing all my homework, like I never miss an assignment. I will always do it even if I’m absent. I will look on Google Classroom and find it. So I normally never miss school. [I’m] always here for my work. I listen”  Alexis credits her parents as the reason for her strong core values, and she stressed, “I strive to be like them when I’m older.”

For Miss. Schuster, Alexis is always engaged in the work she is given. “Alexis has been consistently attentive, organized with her school work, and pleasant to work with all year,” she said. 

Not only is Alexis a great student, but she also is very involved in school activities. “I do track. I’m on a swim team, I also do Girl Scouts,” Alexis noted. When it comes to managing her time, this is no struggle for Alexis. “I go to all my practices, and when I’m home I do my homework. Then I usually have some free time,” she explained

Alexis’s teachers, who tend to see a more reserved side of her in the classroom, might be surprised to learn that she is actually very talkative around her peers.  “I don’t talk a lot and I’m pretty shy, but when I am around friends I’m outgoing.”

Congratulations, Alexis!


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