Senior Student of the Nine Weeks: Madison Deal

by Emilee Fedrizzi and Janie Natale

Maddy Deal has been chosen as the senior student of the third nine weeks by the Shenango teachers and staff. This is an amazing accomplishment, as it honors her hard work in school and great character outside of classes. She is involved in varsity danceline and also takes college classes along with her high school classes.

Maddy’s motivation in school is what makes her an excelling student. What drives her to do her best is “all the goals that I have set for myself and the goals that my family has also set for me.  It pushes me to work hard and prove everyone wrong that has doubted me.” Her strongest traits are that she is always on her game and likes to get things done as soon as possible.

While carrying a rigorous course load at Shenango, Maddy also takes college classes through BC3. She is trying to get her writing prerequisites out of the way before she graduates from high school. She plans to go to Jameson School of Nursing, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and eventually completing her Master’s which will allow her to pursue a career as either a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist. She balances her busy schedule by planning her assignments out and getting them done ahead of time.

Teachers and staff have perceived Maddy’s evident qualities that make her well-deserving of this honor. The school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Cavalier, applauds Maddy’s drive. “Madison is a highly motivated student who started planning for her nursing school prerequisites long before her senior year even started. She has been able to balance the demands of her high school coursework and activities with college classes all year. She is an excellent example of a dual enrollment student getting a ‘head start on her future. Way to go!” 

Senior English teacher Mrs. Catanese shares this sentiment.  “Madi’s fervent diligence shows not only her desire to learn but also her desire to always better herself.” 

On top of being a hard-working student, Maddy also has a knack for creativity. She participates in the school’s graphic design course, which is her favorite class this year. Mrs. Allen notes that “Maddy is a super-talented and creative graphic designer. She is a second-year yearbook student whose work is always impressive.”

Maddy’s parents have played a big part in her life.  “My role models would be my parents because they are really successful and they teach me a whole bunch of different things that I could not learn from anyone else.” She also points out that they “have just pushed me to be a better person.”

Maddy appreciates her classes at Shenango and believes the educators there are excellent examples of what teachers should be. “A teacher that is very helpful and will do anything to help their students be successful. I think that’s what makes a good teacher.” Her presence in class is also recognized by the teachers. Mr. Othites states, “Maddy has always been a respectful, hard-working, conscientious, student.” Undoubtedly, all her hard work and kind spirit in the classroom have been recognized and rewarded.

Congratulations and good luck in the future, Maddy!


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