Junior Student of the Nine Weeks: Ashley DeCarbo

by Madison Deal and Samantha Daugherty

The time has come for Shenango High School’s teachers to nominate distinguished students who showcase their many academic accomplishments as well as their kind-hearted spirit inside and outside of the classroom. Ashley DeCarbo received this honor for the junior class for the second nine weeks. 

“Ashley is as much of a go-getter as a junior in yearbook as she was in freshman honors English,” Mrs. Allen notes. “She is so driven and on top of her game, which is especially impressive considering all the sports and activities she participates in.  I love having her as a student.” 

Many teachers observed Ashley’s evident traits that make her well-deserving of this honor. School counselor Mrs. Othites states, “ [She’s] always friendly and kind to all. [Ashley] is a great role model for younger students.” 

Her advanced placement US history teacher, Mrs. Merryman, sees this in Ashley as well.  “Ashley is a very smart student with a great work ethic, but her kindness and compassion are most apparent and valuable inside and outside of the classroom,” Mrs. Merryman noted.  

“Ashley has a huge heart and is genuinely nice to everyone,” added English teacher Mrs. McKissick.  “She loves to help others and it shows both in and out of school.”

Ashley’s parents have served as two very special people she looks up to. “My parents are my role models because they both have good work ethics and they’ve taught me to work hard in school and focus on my grades.  They show me how important it is to get an education and make that a priority.” Not only are Ashley’s parents her role models, their expectations for her “motivate me,” Ashley states. 

Ashley enjoys all her classes at Shenango, “My teachers always explain [the material] when I have a question and help me understand,” Ashley says, “and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!”

Her secret to success is observed by Mr. Vecenie, who emphasizes that “two of Ashley’s most redeeming qualities are that she isn’t afraid to ask questions and puts in the extra effort when she is not certain about a topic.”

Ashley has found success not only in the classroom, but on the volleyball court, basketball court, and softball field.  “I’m involved in volleyball, basketball, and softball.” Ashley is excellent at balancing her time between school and extracurricular activities, “I really just try to get [my homework] done whenever I have a minute because I’m pretty busy.”  

Congratulations, Ashley!!

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