Sophomore Student of the Nine Weeks: Mackenize Sheridan

by Ashley DeCarbo, Emilee Fedrizzi, and Julia George

The sophomore student of the second nine weeks, Mackenzie Sheridan, is especially passionate about her art and studies in school. She was nominated by Shenango High School teachers who choose students based on their numerous academic achievements, kindness, and positive attitude in class. Mackenzie is an excelling student with an innovative mind, especially when it comes to art. 

It is clear that Mackenzie leaves a positive impression on her teachers. Mr. Naelitz, the high school art teacher, cannot say enough about Mackenzie, “Mackenzie is on the verge of being a professional artist in high school grade 10. No kidding! Her work is impeccable and she always comes up with thoughtful and clever concepts to solve challenges. She works hard and is willing to help the group.” Mackenzie’s favorite class this year is art where she showcases her talents in various projects like painting, screen printing, and working on sets for the school musical.  “Right now in class, she is doing an acrylic painting of a cat that looks like it is going to be a masterpiece,” Naelitz emphasizes.  

However, Mackenzie does not just excel in art. Ms. Murphy, English teacher, enjoys her participation in class, “Mackenzie is such a cheerful person who is always ready for deep thought discussions. I also always enjoy seeing how she interprets the work in English through her artwork; it’s always a point of admiration from other students as well.”  Geometry teacher Mr. Dess points out, “Mackenzie is a very bright and wonderful student. I can always count on her to excel at any topic.” 

For Mackenzie, what makes a great teacher is “someone who is able to thoroughly explain things and give more of a direct question that you can give a direct answer to.” 

Mackenzie balances her time between art club and chess club while still maintaining a high grade point average. Congratulations, Mackenzie, and keep up the good work!

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