Mr. Shenango: Osho Thomas

He’s graced the auditorium stage multiple times in memorable roles in school musicals, and tomorrow, he’ll walk the gym floor as a Mr. Shenango candidate.  

Osho has chosen the Make-A-Wish Foundation as his charity of choice. The reason for this was “he admired the nobility for their cause,” noting that “it warms my heart to hear about the children who have had their wishes granted.” 

Osho’s love for Shenango stems from our teachers. “They are very approachable. If you have a question about something, you can just ask your teachers. They will always give you an answer.” Osho also says that he is very appreciative of all that his teachers have done for him in his four years at Shenango High School. 

Many of these teachers have helped prepare him for his future where he plans to attend the Academy of Dramatic Arts in hopes of going into the entertainment industry.  Helping him reach his goals, in particular, are Mrs. Leali and Mr. Butchy. Mrs. Leali has pushed him to succeed in choir and the school musical throughout his high school years. Mr. Butchy has brought out his love for music through band and marching band. Osho said,  “It’s just such a great sense of community and you truly feel like you’re part of something larger than yourself.”

Acting is a major part of Osho’s life that has impacted who he is. “Musicals are a lot of fun. The people are all kind and caring and they have helped me come out of my shell,” said Osho. 

As close friends are an important part of Osho’s life, it is to no surprise that his escort is Emily Esposito. “She is a good friend of mine and asked me to be her escort [for homecoming], so I figured it would be full circle.” 

Someone who Osho looks up to is John Cena. He admires the way that John Cena lives.   “H just lives his life and has fun. That’s how everyone should live, honestly.” Osho also looks up to John Cena for his unique “fashion sense.”

In the same way, Osho hopes that little kids will look up to him and see him as “a respectful and slightly intimidating young man.” He offers sound advice to those who will follow in his footsteps. “School is going to be a tough and difficult journey, but stick with it and focus on your studies.” 


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