Mr. Shenango: Adam Bryant

A well-rounded student, Adam Bryant participates in track and field, the musical, and 

choir. He has been honored with being chosen as a 2022 Mr. Shenango candidate. 

Adam hopes that when people see him as a candidate, they see that he is someone who “does a diverse amount of activities.” He’s found a place in choir because he “really enjoys singing” and track because it is the “best sports environment” in his opinion. Adam’s best advice to give to the underclassmen is, “don’t do anything just to try to impress your peers; be you.” 

The charity chosen by Adam to support is LUNGevity. He chose this because his great-grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer and died due to complications from it, so it is something he really wanted to raise awareness of.  Family ties are extremely important to Adam, and he notes that his relationship with his mom and being a support for her has shaped him into the person he is today.

 Adam’s escort is Emily Dottle. “I wanted to choose the person that I care about the most and that cares about me the most.”

Adam’s future plans include attending physician’s assistant school either at Thiel, Gannon, or Duquesne. Best of luck in his future and with Mr. Shenango, Adam!


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