A New Day Is Dawning

by Madi Iwanejko, Emilee Fedrizzi, and Janie Natale

Life as Wildcat athletes know it is about to change for the better as the huge new asset to Shenango School District is nearly complete. The sports complex will positively impact the student-athletes and the community as a whole. 

Dr. McCormick is looking forward to the opportunities that the complex opens for students. “There are a bunch of other spaces athletes can use, so it should alleviate the congestion and scheduling nightmares and give some varsity sports a place to go right after school and work more conveniently.”

In the sports complex, there will be an indoor track, locker rooms, weight room, three basketball courts, a sandpit for track and field, a heavy-duty mat for all throwing activities, and space for a golf hitting station. Addison Kays, a sophomore, is most excited about being able to run inside in the warmth. She said, “It is a new area for us to work in and a new environment for us to run in.”

As for the community, there will be many opportunities for them as well. Pickleball games and leagues, travel basketball tournaments, and indoor walking hours for residents of Shenango are just a sampling of ways this space will be utilized. 

Mr. Budai feels that the new sports complex will make a huge difference in scheduling. He spends a copious amount of time trying to fit everyone in, from S.A.A. to varsity teams. He has no choice but to give teams the late-night spot, which is not opportune for students balancing academics and sports. “The opportunity for the students with all of the amenities that are we are going to have in there is going to be amazing and an important place for our students,” said Mr. Budai. 

The sports complex is scheduled to be up and running by December 2nd. That is the year-old date, so it may be pushed back a little bit, but the building is on time as of now. The big-ticket items, like the scoreboards and hoops, still need to be added to the complex.

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