Way to Go, Kolby!

by Emily Esposito and Trinity Kohnen

Shenango High School’s teachers nominate outstanding students in order to acknowledge their many academic achievements as well as their kind spirit outside of class. Many teachers saw these very characteristics being displayed by seventh grader Kolby Rodgers.

Teachers such as Mr. Flood, Mr. Cooper, and Mrs. Butchy noticed these undeniable traits displayed by Kolby, which earned him the title of Student of the Nine Weeks. Mr. Flood noticed all of Kolby’s active participation during class in Science 7 as well as his effort, which makes him a well-deserving recipient of this honor. “You can always count on this gentleman with a huge heart, to have a spare pencil…or two…or three to share” Mrs. Butchy exclaims. 

Although these teachers noticed Kolby’s attributes, Mrs. Pezzano and Mrs. Daughtery noticed most of these traits mentioned as well as many more.  

Kolby focuses on honing his skills of study habits and putting in hard work, which has been noticed by his teachers. 

Kolby has a very good support system from his teachers to aid him in achieving this lofty reward. “I have the support of Mrs. Pezzano, and Mrs. Daugherty lent me a helping hand with all my school work as well as giving me snacks to motivate me!” 

Along with having a great support system at school, Kolby also has solid role models at home. “My mom and dad support me throughout all of my school work,” Kolby mentions, “as well as helping me with any school work that I need help with.”

Kolby likes many activities in school, especially science, but enjoys activities outside of the classroom as well. One thing, in particular, is “getting hugs from my ducks, especially from Isabella. I also enjoy drawing, bridges being my favorite things to draw.” 

Kolby is excellent at balancing the activities he enjoys with his schoolwork because of his many motivators to do well. Some of these motivators include “getting rewards at home from my mom and dad as well as receiving rewards like parties in Mrs. Pezzano’s class.”

We celebrate Kolby as Student of the Nine Weeks!

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