Grace Pagley Honored

by Sophia Bupp and Lyndsey Jennings

Grace Pagley, an 8th grader at Shenango High School, has been awarded the Student of the Nine Weeks for her outstanding academic performance and enthusiastic attitude. 

Grace’s positive outlook is a huge benefit to her academic success. “What motivates me is probably my determination to do well on everything. [I try] to be perfect, even though sometimes it doesn’t work. You’re not going to be perfect ever.” However, Grace perseveres and strives to be the best that she can be both academically and in her extracurricular activities.

 School counselor Mrs. Othites comments, “Her grades are phenomenal. She is also on junior high danceline and participates in a competitive cheer/gym team. She has set high goals for herself, and I believe that she will reach them.” Grace has been a competitive cheerleader for 10 years. Over this time, she has learned the importance of balancing practice with homework: “I make sure when I get home from school, I do my homework, get it all done [and] if something isn’t done, I come home and make sure I get it done so that nothing is ever turned in late.”

Over the past nine school years, Grace has grown to appreciate her teachers. She has seen that a good teacher is not someone who just teaches the material but also gives advice. “I think what makes a good teacher is the person being focused on what they’re teaching, but also putting meaning into it. It’s not just in that one subject that you’re learning something, but it’s something that you can carry with you throughout your whole life.” 

Grace has a heart for service and for helping, as demonstrated in her science class: “Grace Pagley used the end of her period to volunteer and prepare the science activity for the next period. That’s typical of her kindness and thoughtfulness”, says Mr. Drozynski. 

“Grace’s work ethic and attitude are extraordinary. I see her on a daily basis pushing herself to grow and improve as a student. She is always focused, prepared, and engaged in class,” asserts Mrs. Slamecka.  

However, Grace admits that she has not become the person she is without her family: “My role model is probably my mom because she encourages me. She sets high expectations for me as for what I should do and should not do, how I should act, and how my manners should be…. She teaches me to never give up while I’m doing something and to just keep on going even if it gets tough.”  

Well done, Grace Pagley, you’ve earned this achievement!

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