Senior Standout Dalton Peters

By Reagan Maxwell and Kylee Rubin 

Senior Dalton Peters has been selected as the Senior Student of the Nine Weeks at Shenango High School. Students are selected by faculty members for a variety of strong traits such as kindness, leadership, and character.  Dalton meets and exceeds all of these expectations. 

Motivation is key when you are a student, and Dalton knows this very well. “I am motivated in school, especially as I look toward my future as a college student.”  

Nominated by Assistant Principal Mr. Todd Anthony, he notes, “ Academically Dalton is strong as usual. He was mentioned by several younger students as a good leader and someone who they feel would stand up for them in the school.” Stem teacher Mr. Drozynski adds, “Dalton has grit. He knows how to stay on task to a successful end.” 

Having great teachers is important in a learning environment. Dalton appreciates his teachers who will “sit down and help you with your work and go step-by-step.” Dalton’s favorite class this school year is College Algebra because “Mr. Dess is an amazing teacher.”

Dalton is involved in varsity track & field, football, and basketball. History teacher and basketball coach Mr. Othites notes, “I have had the privilege of having Dalton as a student the last year in History 11 and this year in American Gov/Citizen law, as well as coaching him in basketball for three years. The common theme with all three is that he always gives his best effort and usually exceeds everyone’s expectations.”  

Congratulations to Dalton Peters on this outstanding accomplishment!

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