Congratulations, Kami!

by Braeden D’Angelo and Morgan Pisula

Any freshman teacher will definitely use these two words when describing this student: positive and hardworking. Kami Enscoe is the 9th grade Student of the Nine Weeks. 

“Kami is very deserving of this honor. She is bright, focused, and motivated,” Mrs.Miller says. Kami notes that what keeps her motivated is “wanting to be able to excel in the future.” Her favorite class currently is Microbiology because she “enjoys the topics we learn in class.” Her engagement pays off, as Mrs.Miller notes, “She consistently earns the top test scores in Microbiology and Zoology.”

Kami’s mindful habits are appreciated by her math teacher, Mrs. Delaney, as well. “She quietly exemplifies all of the qualities of a model student.   Kami pays attention in class, takes notes, participates when called upon, completes her assignments to the best of her ability, and succeeds academically,” she says,  “Kami is one of my top students and very deserving of this award.”

Kami, however, knows that she couldn’t achieve her level of success alone. Her biggest role model is her mother, who she says is “strong and holds the family up.”  

While Kami’s academics are extremely important to her, extracurricular activities give Kami balance. She is part of the Shenango Art Club where she brings out her creative side along with doing something she loves. A leader in Art Club, Mr. Naelitz noted, “Kami is a highly talented, intelligent, yet humble student.” 

Kami’s life can become very busy between all of her obligations. It can become hard to get everything done in time. To keep herself on task, Kami notes, “I always make sure to get my homework done.”

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