Let’s Celebrate Senior Cheerleaders!

by Kassidy Cutchall, Ariana Nye, and Karyssa Robertson

For many Shenango cheerleaders, they’ve been cheering on the Wildcats for as long as they can remember.  Saying goodbye will be bittersweet this year as they prepare for the next chapter.  The memories, though, will last a lifetime. 

The class of 2022 cheerleaders have had amazing coaches that have influenced them throughout the years. Bella Pagley believes that her current coach has influenced her the most by always being there to push her and her teammates to be the best they can be. 

My coaches have influenced me throughout the years by teaching me how to do the right thing and telling me to never give up and to keep trying,” Nina Vernino adds.

Kenzie Perretti shares these sentiments, “My coaches have shown me to be a leader and to appreciate the little things. They taught me how to have patience and how to have school spirit.” 

“My coaches have shown me what I am actually capable of.  They have encouraged me and helped me gain confidence. They taught me discipline and time management and showed that you can accomplish a goal as long as you put in the utmost effort,” Ryhann Kelly notes. 

Maddie Dickens agrees. “They have made me want to try new things and our coach this year makes things so much fun!”

Along with all of the great coaches,  there have also been many amazing cheerleaders for the younger girls to look up to. Nina Vernino believes that alumni Alexandra Dimeco has always been her role model because she has helped Nina with everything throughout the years.

Bella offers a different view. “I never looked up to any older cheerleaders. I knew I would be my own person and make our team succeed without the influence of anyone else, and that is exactly what I’m doing.”  

“An alumni cheerleader I look up to is Chaslin Hoover. She wasn’t a captain but she was a great leader. She had a lot of patience and I think that is very important when it comes to cheerleading,” notes Kenzie.

“An alumni that I looked up to was Dominique DeVivo. Dominique always had a smile on her face and was very peppy and showed the role you should play as a cheerleader. I remember looking up to her when I was younger and she always stood out to me,” Rhyann mentions.

“Savannah Young is the cheerleader I look up to because she was always kind to all of her teammates and confident with everything she does,” Maddie adds.

Congratulations to the class of 2022 cheerleaders!

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