Meet Aryssa Peters

by Audrey Angelucci, Izzy DeVivo, and Emily Esposito

She’s a Chambers Singer, Danceline veteran, Drama Club member, and a mentor for elementary danceline. Now Aryssa Peters can add being a member of the 2021 Homecoming Court to her list of high school attainments. 

Aryssa views herself as the “type of person to uplift someone if I see them down or upset. I will always compliment them.” She is very passionate about brightening someone’s day, especially when it is coming from a stranger. Likewise, Aryssa is a “fun-spirited” type of person. “I always try to bring light to a situation or make silly jokes to make people laugh,” expresses Peters. Although she can make people crack up, Aryssa is the type of friend who can be there to talk about anything, who is very understanding, and who is always willing to help someone through whatever they may be going through. 

Aryssa has been shaped into the “fun-spirited” and reliable person she is because of her role model and sister, Alexis. Peters expressed that they are very much alike in the way that they are both outgoing and nice to their peers. 

Like her older sister, Aryssa plans to specialize in the same career field at the same school. “I’m looking at either Duquesne or Pitt right now to be either a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist,” said Peters.

Aryssa has had many teachers influence her to have the dedication she needs to go forward with her career plans. They pushed her to always be on top of her game with her studies and extracurricular activities.

 After dealing with a difficult year because of COVID-19, she is excited to start “the ending to a new beginning.” Along with this, she is delighted to make new memories and have different opportunities for her senior year. 

Going into this year, her motto is “expect the unexpected.” Because she knows she is a role model for the younger students, she wants to put her poise on full display. Peters mentions, “I want to show the younger girls the way we act and the way we do things. I hope they see our friendships and see that we are all super close.” Her advice for the year would be, “Make the best out of it, don’t take things for granted, live on, have fun, and do your best.” 

Aryssa can not wait to “live on” at homecoming. She enjoys taking the whole day to get ready and take pictures with friends and family. This includes her “danceline family” as well. “Ever since freshman year, to this year, the team has been like one big family” Peters exclaims. She cannot wait to make momentous memories at the dance and after the dance with “family.”

Aryssa’s castmate, Cole Sickafuse, is her escort. She chose him because “I have known him for a long time,” Peters states. “He is the type of person who is so down to earth and funny. I feel like Cole is a person who is friends with everyone.”

Congratulations, Aryssa!

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