Meet Kassidy Peters

by Rylee Barron, Madison Iwanejko, and Ariana Nye

Those who are close to her describe her as welcoming, caring, and selfless as well as the “mom” of her friend group. Kassidy Peters is one of the six seniors nominated by her fellow 2021 classmates as a member of this year’s Homecoming Court. 

Kassidy wants to “make memories that are going to last” as she starts her final year of high school. She wants to “live in the moment because we really don’t know how tomorrow will be and something with COVID change.” 

Many of Kassidy’s memories she plans to make her senior year revolve around sports as she is a multi-sport athlete. “I would say my favorite activity would be, hands down, volleyball.” She mentions that the team has such a “welcoming environment.” She also states, “I think that just being with some of your closest friends makes it even better. I think that ever since I was a freshman I was always welcomed by the seniors. We just mixed up so well together, and I think that everyone has good relationships with each other.”

As important as her best friends are, family members have also played a part in shaping who Kassidy is.  Kassidy admires her cousin because “ I was the only girl in my immediate family, so she was like a big sister to me.” Kassidy also credits her parents’ influence as instrumental in the person she’s grown to be. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have my parents in my life. They’re there for me through everything.”  

Finding the balance between all the extracurriculars and academics is a challenge for someone as motivated as Kassidy.  “I’m a multi-sport athlete, so every day I come to school but I have practice after school. Teachers work with us on our time management and they understand what we go through,” says Kassidy. 

Kassidy talks highly of her escort, Tyler Kammerer. “He’s just a very down-to-earth person; he is very chill.” Like Kassidy, TK plays several sports and is a great role model for the younger boys, just like how the homecoming candidates are role models for the younger girls.

Best wishes, Kassidy!

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