Top 10: Sylvia Perrone

By Avery Calvert and Mackenzie Sheridan

Sylvia Perrone has been recognized as a high achiever throughout her years of high school. She has proven herself an ambitious, determined, and dedicated student worthy of her position in the Top Ten of Shenango’s graduating class of 2024. Sylvia is an active member of concert band, marching band, pep band, brass ensemble, jazz band, rock band, concert choir, mixed chamber choir, treble choir, student council, and National Honor Society. 

Sylvia says “jazz band has brought me the most joy. Jazz band was my first opportunity to play bass guitar in a band at school. I got to develop a new skill and came to truly love playing the bass.” Her love for bass has expanded her musical horizons and will forever hold a special place in her heart. 

Beyond all of the extracurriculars, Sylvia also balances numerous AP classes. Out of all of the classes she has taken, she claims, “AP Chemistry was my most challenging class because of the workload. I was used to doing difficult work, but not large quantities of it. It took exceptional use of my time-management skills to be able to complete all of my work on time.” Sylvia would also like to credit AP Chemistry as, “my most rewarding class. Not only did I learn chemistry, but I also learned many other useful skills such as time management and problem-solving skills. Without the challenge of AP Chemistry, I would not have felt confident enough to be able to pursue a career in biochemistry.” 

For a career in biochemistry, Sylvia, “plans to attend a two-year program at Slippery Rock University for Pre-pharmacy. Then, I will attend Duquesne University for four years to attain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Once I complete my education, I plan to work as a pharmacist in Arizona. Shenango has prepared me for my future by providing me with AP classes that prepared me for the challenge of college classes.” 

Sylvia stresses that “I am my own biggest influence in academics. The amount of work I put in ultimately determines my results. Others can assist you, but, in the end, you are responsible for your own academic success.” She continues, “The most important lesson I learned was how to be independent. Independence was a crucial skill I learned that was necessary to allow me to move on to adult life.” 

Sylvia would like to thank the AP Chemistry teacher, Mr. Vecenie, “because he gave me a large amount of responsibility that forced me to develop time-management skills and autonomy.” All of these skills and lessons come together to create the perfect mindset for success. 

For the future students of Shenango who wish to be as successful as her, Sylvia would like to tell them to “not be afraid of failure. It is okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it.” She also states, “Healthy competition amongst my peers as well as my own personal drive for success kept me motivated to excel in the classroom.” These tools can help any student find the drive to succeed and have the confidence to flourish in school. 

As new chapters begin, her chapter at Shenango ends, Sylvia says she will, “miss the sense of community that going to such a small school provided for me. I got to make genuine connections with many students and staff.”

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