Class of 2023 Top 10: Emilee Fedrizzi

by Ang Butchelle and Jaidyn Latcheran

Emilee Fedrizzi is an ambitious young woman, whether she is in the classroom, on the court, or on the track. Her dedication throughout her high school career has earned her a spot in the class of 2023’s top ten. 

Emilee gives credit to the different sports she has played to motivate her to excel in the classroom year after year. “Over the years, I have been involved in sports, which has given me a drive to succeed and compete. This has carried over into the classroom where I feel maintaining good grades gives me self-satisfaction similar to doing well in a big game.” 

No matter how much Emilee loves the sports she plays, she will always remember the challenge that came with the hard work. “The biggest challenge I have had to overcome as a student has been the use of time management skills. Because I’ve been involved in sports year-round, it was difficult to manage my time between practices, games, and homework every night.” She was able to take a hardship and turn it into a positive lesson. “Although it was tough, I have become skilled at balancing my time and am thankful for the lesson.”

Emilee has gone through a lot of steps to prepare herself for the future at Kent State, but she can easily say that Shenango has been a tremendous help throughout the process. “I feel Shenango has done a great job preparing me for my future, as teachers and staff have been nothing but helpful and encouraging to me. They have challenged me to establish a good work ethic and skills that I will apply in the future.”

Not only have the teachers prepared Emilee for her future but the community around her as well. Emilee is a very kind and generous person who is always willing to help those around her. “Outside the classroom, I have learned and upheld the lesson of being kind and considerate to everyone. You never know what someone is going through in their life, and being able to make someone’s day a little better is something I truly value.”

Emilee has chosen Mr. Vecenie to accompany her to the Top 10 dinner. Mr. Vecenie has been her teacher and coach over the past few years, which has given him the opportunity to inspire and push her to do her very best. “He has been one of the most helpful and inspiring teachers and coaches I have ever had and has always pushed me to work my hardest and accomplish my goals. He puts in so much time to ensure his students succeed, so I just want to thank him for being a teacher I will never forget.” 

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