Junior Student of the Nine Weeks: Rylee Marino

by McKenna Lutton, Janie Natale, and Suchi Patel

Rylee Marino has been chosen as the junior student of the first nine weeks by her teachers, at Shenango High School. This is an incredible achievement for Rylee as it recognizes her character, her outstanding grades, and her activities outside of school. 

Unfortunately, something most people are unaware of is that Rylee is moving to Arkansas in December of this year. Though this could have easily affected Rylee’s performance in school, she has not let it deter her from embracing her last few months at Shenango. 

Teachers and staff at the school have noticed Rylee’s hard work and positive attitude. Social Studies teacher, Mr. Othites, says, “Rylee is in a very small, quiet class. Thanks to her, she keeps our discussions going. I will miss her when she leaves!” 

Rylee’s demeanor is what chemistry teacher Mr. Vecenie appreciates. “Rylee has a wonderful personality that she puts on display every day. She has a great sense of humor and her lighthearted nature makes her a valuable student to have in class.” 

Being a hard-working student can be exhausting, but Rylee is motivated throughout school days by a drive to “get prepared for college.” She looks forward to creating a brighter future for herself. Although she is unsure about the location of her future education, she is certain that she “wants to be a surgical technologist.” She aspires to help others with her knowledge in the medical career. 

Rylee believes her strongest trait for being a successful student is “using my time wisely for doing homework.” She has effectively cracked the code on how to balance her school life and her time after cheer practice, as Rylee is a member of the varsity cheerleading team at Shenango. 

Rylee’s role model is Mrs.Whiting; “she’s my favorite teacher this year.” Rylee enjoys the influence that she receives from Mrs. Whiting, who is pushing her to accomplish her goals. 

On top of being involved in cheerleading, her favorite class this year is Geometry. She enjoys the company of her math teacher, Mr. Dess. “It’s not Geometry, it’s Mr. Dess!” laughs Rylee. She believes that a good teacher is one “who understands what you need, guides you, and who will go above and beyond to help you,” just like Mr. Dess. 

One major goal that Rylee wishes to accomplish is “keeping my grades high being and being a good student.” She wants to continue to give her best to this school, even though she will be leaving us shortly. 

Congratulations and good luck for the future, Rylee! 

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