Homecoming Court: Emilee Fedrizzi

by McKenna Lutton, Reagan Maxwell, and Natalie McClean

Emilee Fedrizzi was nominated by her peers to be one of the six members of Shenango’s 2022 Homecoming Court. Many know Emilee as a kindhearted girl, an honors student, and a multi-sport athlete. 

When Emilee learned she was elected to this year’s Homecoming Court, she was elated. “When I also learned that some of my other closest friends were on [the court], it was even more exciting for me.”

As it is Emilee’s last homecoming, a variety of both positive and negative emotions are running through her head. As she grapples with both the anticipation of the celebration and the reality of it being her final homecoming, she knows that the weekend will be one to remember. “This is my last Homecoming, and since I’m on court, it will make it even more special.”  

When Emilee was choosing an escort, she wanted to ask someone who is “really nice, respectful, and someone I feel comfortable around.” Emilee felt that Connor Jeffcoat would be a perfect escort for the night. 

Looking back at previous homecoming queens, Emilee finds herself admiring 2021 Homecoming Queen Riley Bruce. “She’s such a positive and happy person who always made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I really look up to her and I think she’s a really great person.”  

Another positive influence in Emilee’s life is her family. For as long as she can remember, they have always been there to support her through various school activities and sports. “They’ve always pushed me to be my best. They never put that much pressure on me.”

Emilee is a multi-sport athlete and is involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The list includes varsity volleyball, basketball, track, Peer Leadership, National Honor Society, and yearbook. Emilee adores all her activities equally. “I can’t really choose a favorite because  I’ve been doing [many of them] my whole life, so I can’t really choose; I like them all and they’re very special to me.”

When Emilee reflects on her future ambitions, she sees herself studying nursing at Kent State University, hoping to attain her Master’s Degree. 

As Emilee prepares to graduate, she leaves behind advice for her underclassmen. “Cherish every moment of your high school experience because you don’t get it back and it goes [by] so quickly. I feel like I was just a freshman yesterday, and now we’re seniors, so make every moment count.”

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