Meet Laana Hassan

by Sophia Bupp and Trinity Kohnen

Her friends might describe her as an outgoing, supportive person. They might also call her the  “hype man,” always bringing people up when they need it. Senior Lanna Hassan is one of the six candidates nominated by the senior class for Homecoming Court. 

Laana has not had a normal high school career by any means, having to endure the struggles of the worldwide pandemic, COVID 19. Her mindset this year is to be “super optimistic and hopeful that things go back to normal,” Laana says. “A lot of stuff this year is our first in a while, but also our last, so we have to make the most of every moment.”

One event Laana is looking forward to is her first last homecoming. “It’s such a big event. It has the parade, the game, and the dance, but it’s also all-inclusive.” Laana is excited to live in the moment and make as many memories as possible: “I hope I remember how much fun we had.”

A big part of the fun that Laana is going to remember is being a candidate on the Homecoming Court. Laana hopes to have the younger grades look up to her. “I just hope they see me as a role model,” she reflects.

Laana wants people to look up to her just like she looks up to her mom. “My mom is probably my biggest role model,” Laana says. “She is the most hard-working person I know.  She just shows me every day what it means to be a good person.”

Laana’s mom inspired her to further her education. She plans on attending a four-year university to major in pre-med. Her dream is to one day become a dermatologist.

Her teachers have also helped to shape Laana’s aspirations.  She states that the teachers hold “such high standards” and “create an environment that you can be comfortable and work well in.”

Not only did the teachers make a comfortable environment for Laana but danceline did as well. “Danceline probably meant the most to me because it’s where I’ve met all my best friends,” Laana exclaims. 

One of Laana’s close friends she met on danceline is her fellow homecoming court candidate, Riley Bruce. This is how she met her escort, Joshua Bruce. “He’s always been there,” Laana stresses. “I just thought this would be a great experience for us to share together.”

Congratulations to one of the six Homecoming candidates, Laana Hassan!

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