Meet Riley Bruce

by the Pawprints Staff

Her friends might describe her as a little loud, a little off-the-wall, and a little overly energetic.  But what they would likely note above all other qualities is her selflessness.  Riley Bruce is one of six seniors nominated by the class of 2021 as a member of the Homecoming Court.

Riley points to “enjoying all of the first last things” as what she’s anticipating most about her final year as a Shenango student.  For her, the list of what she enjoys about being a Wildcat is extensive.

“I love running cross country and track,” Bruce says.  “I love the people I’ve met through that.  Danceline, football games, musical practice–I think we really are a family.”  

Riley’s extracurricular activities are as important to her as the influence of her teachers. “I’ve just had really great teachers,” Riley explains, noting especially the care and support beyond just her education that her teachers have shown her.  “I’ve always been able to talk to them about different paths I could take and go to them for advice, knowing they would be supportive of me.”

That support system is strong at home as well, and Riley notes the example she’s followed in her mother.  “She’s one of the hardest working people I know.  Not only that, she’s always willing to help.”

These values are a part of who Riley is as well.  An encourager who is always positive, Bruce notes that in whatever she does, it’s important to her that everyone is working together.  I want to foster a positive atmosphere and let [those around her know that] there’s only one way through this, and that’s to get to the other side together.

“I think paying attention to other people is really important, not becoming so focused on yourself,” she continues.  “If someone is struggling, I’ll want to help them work on it.  Or if they’re doing well, I’ll point that out.” 

 When it comes to Homecoming, it’s a night with her friends that Riley is most looking forward to.  Years from now, “I hope I remember that we had fun, that we didn’t worry about the small stuff.”

Fellow cross country teammate and friend Anthony Mancino is Riley’s escort.  “He always makes me laugh, and I knew I wouldn’t be stressed because he’d make me feel better.” 

Riley’s making sure she follows her own advice to “take advantage of every moment you get.” Even with a year of uncertainty, Bruce recognizes that “not everything is guaranteed.”

Congratulations, Riley! 


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