Meet Emily Esposito

by Ashley DeCarbo and Julia George

Compassionate and welcoming Emily Esposito is always looking out for others. She is a star on the stage, a singer in the choir, a captain of danceline, and a distance runner on the girl’s track team. Now, she can add Homecoming candidate to her list of accolades.  

Heading into her senior year, Emily is filled with hope, even though  “the plan may change,  but we can always stick to the fact that we’re here, we’re still going, and it’s not going to tear us down as it has in the past. We are going to persevere, and we’re going to make those positive memories.”  

Emily has two wonderful parents whom she is able to look up to. “Both of my parents have given up so much for me and have proven their dedication to my brother and me. It’s just so nice to see their work ethic, their dedication and how caring and compassionate they are as people, and not only how they treat their kids but also how they treat other people.” With a great support system, it is understandable why Emily is able to be successful in her hectic life and all her activities.

Of these activities, Emily’s favorite is being in musicals. This is something Emily has enjoyed ever since she was younger. She recalls going to musicals with her mom as a special way for them to spend mother-daughter time together. This bonding time helped shape Emily into the person she is today, and these memories help make participating in the musical so special to her. 

In the future, Emily wishes to attend a four-year college to pursue a career in either education or occupational therapy. “I’ve always been keen on the idea of helping others,” Emily explained. She will surely fulfill her wish of helping others regardless of the career path she chooses. Emily pointed out one of the key lessons she’s learned as a Shenango student. “You can do multiple things and be successful at all of those things. I do danceline, I’m in the musicals, I’m in choir, and Chamber Singers, and track this year and it’s very nice to see that you don’t need to be confined to one stereotype or one little box.”

Kind-hearted Osho Thomas will be escorting Emily. She knows Osho can be counted on to lift her spirits and make her laugh if she ever becomes nervous at any time. “When you’re in a room with Osho you’re never gonna have a dull moment.” 

Emily looks forward to Homecoming Court and the rest of her senior year, enjoying all the memories that she and her classmates missed out on. 

Congratulations, Emily!

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