Excellence in Action

by Emily Dottle

You may have seen him work his magic as the first baseman on the baseball team.  Or maybe he’s fixed an issue with your Chromebook as a veteran STAT member.  Ethan Bintrim’s knows no limits when it comes to pushing himself to be the best in everything he does, and that includes earning a spot in the Top 10 of the class of 202011

The hard work throughout his high school career paid off, and Ethan credits his success to the strong influence of his parents.  ¨My parents because have always pushed me to be the best student I could be.¨” Ethan feels special gratitude toward his mother, noting that ¨she has always been there to help me with whatever I ask of her.¨  

Another reason Ethan is such a focused student is that he has big plans for his future. Setting goals and working toward them has helped Ethan pave the way to a bright future. ¨I want to be as knowledgeable as possible so I can be the best person I can be.¨ 

Bintrim admits to having difficult moments throughout his years as a Shenango student. AP Chemistry is a class that demanded his absolute best as a student. He admits. ¨AP chemistry challenged me the most because it was a lot of work.¨  

Ethan is also a student who had to experience high school during the COVID pandemic, and like his peers in the graduating class, will carry this past year’s ups and downs with him. The unique circumstances of this year challenged Ethan to push himself even harder.

Nothing brings Bintrim more joy than his love of baseball.  While he excels as the sport and is a team leader, it’s the relationships that he’s built that is what he’ll cherish the most.  . He enjoyed ¨[Baseball]  gave me many of my closest friends.¨

Ethan will continue his academic and athletic career at Thiel College majoring in biochemistry.  Bintrim, however, will remember his roots. ¨Shenango’s classes have really prepared me for a future in college. I believe the teachers have set me up to succeed in my future.¨

Ethan offers a piece of advice to younger students.  “Keep going, no matter how hard it is, because school is rewarding even if it is hard sometimes. ¨ Bintrim lives by his own words.


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