Under the Lights

by Izzy Devivo and Gabby Pisciuneri

In a year filled with disappointments, the announcement that Prom would be held made up for many of the letdowns the class of 2021 has felt thanks to Covid restrictions.  

Senior parents led the charge to ensure that Shenango students had the opportunity to enjoy an event that for many, is the highlight of their school year.  

Sheri Shaffer, along with Lisa Calabria, took the lead in organizing a prom for the upperclassmen of Shenango. “With help from Lisa Calabria, we have been scheduling parent prom committee meetings and organizing the prom planning,” Mrs. Shaffer noted.  “We have had support from both the senior and junior class parents and a few local businesses.”

Every year Prom has a theme, so Mrs. Shaffer wanted to make sure that there would be one for this year’s as well. They plan to have it themed as “Under The Lights.” This was the theme that last year’s senior class chose for their Prom that was unfortunately canceled. 

Mrs. Shaffer’s wish for the class of 2021 as they attend their final prom is to be able to look past the restrictions from the past year and to remember all the fun they had. Senior Camille Alexander also feels this way. “I can’t wait to finally have a somewhat “normal” dance with my friends to wrap up my senior year!”

Camille isn’t the only senior who is counting down the days until Prom.  “I am most excited to have a normal school event with my friends after this hectic year.  I can’t wait to dance out the rest of my senior year at prom,” Ashley Warsing said.

During the week of Prom, every year students pick out themes for every day of the week, called spirit week. This is a time for students to get creative with their ideas and outfits, embracing the opportunity to express themselves while getting excited about the big event. This year, the students have chosen pajama day, blackout day, a beach-themed day, and jersey day.

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