Meet Madison Malone!

by Emily Dottle

If you’re looking for Madison Malone, you’ll likely find her in the school’s East Wing.  A veteran choir member, Madison’s love for music is matched by her love for school, and that is the reason why she finds herself among Shenango’s Top 10 seniors. 

Madison thanks her parents for being the biggest influence in her academic life. “They have instilled in me from an early age to always do my best and keep my grades up,” Madison notes.  But she is quick to add that “my self-drive motivated me to continue to excel in the classroom.”

Now, this top-of-the-class student isn’t shy about admitting that her achievements haven’t come without struggles.  She recalls that she found the fast pace of honors algebra 2 very challenging.

Madison finds that her most rewarding elective is concert choir. She loves to sing and like many, feel like the concert choir group is her second family. ¨I will always remember my dysfunctional yet loving choir family,¨ she fondly notes.  

Madison was also a part of the extracurricular Chamber Singers ensembles. Not only did this group bring her much joy, but she viewed it as “an honor to be chosen for a group like that. ¨

Now that Madison is graduating and preparing to leave Shenango, she admits she is going to miss the teachers the most. ”I’ve loved all of them and it will be extremely hard to say goodbye.¨

The road ahead of Madison leads to Clarion University where she will attend in the fall majoring in Speech Pathology. However, Madison is a Wildcat who will not forget where she came from.¨Shenango has provided the academic and social foundation that I will build upon in college.¨

As for a piece of advice Madison would give to younger students, she says, “Always do your best. That is the most anybody can ask of you.”   



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