Camille Alexander: A Show Stopper

by Ashley Warsing

Singer.  Performer.  Dancer.  These are just a few words that might come to mind when you hear the name Camille Alexander.  Now you can add Top 10 of the class of 2021 to her list of accolades.

Camille credits her academic success to her teachers.   “I would say that my biggest influence when it comes to my academics has been my Honors/AP teachers, collectively. I have been challenged in these higher-level classes over the last few years, but the teachers have always been there to help me and motivate me.”

Maintaining academic excellence was something Camille worked diligently for, especially in advanced placement courses.  “AP Chemistry challenged me the most. I learned a ton from that class, but I was not prepared for the workload. I had to learn major time management skills and discipline to succeed in AP Chem.”

Even through all the challenging classes and assignments, Camille’s support system helped her maintain her drive to succeed.  This includes her mom, who “has always been super supportive and such an inspiration to me. She has done countless things to help prepare me for my future, for which I am extremely grateful.”

The support of her parents is matched by her friends.  “My friends kept me motivated to continue to excel in the classroom,” she explained.  “I was in the same classes as several of my best friends, so it was much easier for me to keep motivated with them right by my side.”

Many of those friendships flourished through a shared passion for music, and that is the elective where Camille found continual joy.  “I love music, but choir has been more than just singing. Choir is an environment where I feel comfortable and I know that I can always have fun with my friends.”

Outside of the classroom, Camille is a part of Shenango’s Varsity Danceline. “Danceline is the reason I was able to get so close to my best friends. Everyone on danceline just loves to have fun and we all get along very well, which made our performances that much better. I have so many amazing memories from being a member and a co-captain of the danceline.”

If you do not know Camille personally, then you might enjoy learning that even someone with a stellar academic record has a little-known weakness. “I might do well in school, but I have VERY little street smarts or common sense,” Camille acknowledges.

Camille’s main lesson she has learned while being at Shenango is “everything can change in an instant, so don´t take anything for granted. Live in the moment.” With that, she has some advice to the students following in her footsteps. “Grades are important, but they are not everything,” she said. “Make sure to have fun as well. If you don´t find a good balance between your school life and social life, high school will not be nearly as enjoyable.”

Camille’s future plans include attending Penn State University to major in education. “Then, I would like to attend graduate school to pursue a degree in pediatric occupational therapy. I have taken some very useful classes at Shenango and I have learned plenty of necessary skills that will help me to succeed in college.” 

Those who are preparing to graduate know that it is their memories that often define their high school experience.  This is true for Camille as well, as she knows how much she will miss “the music/arts program at Shenango. I have essentially formed a family with everyone else involved in the music program. A lot of my best memories from high school come from being in musicals, doing danceline, and choir. Everyone is very supportive and accepting of one another, so I really will miss it.”

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