Dance, Dedication, and Drive

By Shawn McClenahan

Abigail Zeigler is a force to be reckoned with, and one of the most dedicated students in the class of 2021.  That dedication has earned her a rightful spot in her class’s top 10.

Zeigler credits her mom as an outstanding academic influence in her life. “Her intelligence encourages me to work just as hard as her.”

That work ethic is what drove Abbi to face her most challenging academic milestone, AP Chemistry. The material for this class was “very detailed and hard to comprehend.” Nonetheless, Abbi persevered and exited the course stronger than she entered.

Abbi stays driven in school by consistently putting her all into every task placed in front of her, and the reward of the pride that her peers and family take in her commitment to excellence is what keeps her motivated. She also knows that if she wants a bright future like the one she envisions for herself, she has to work hard.

Though many of helped prepare her for the road ahead, Abbi’s mother is her anchor and her biggest cheerleader. “She always encourages me to do what makes me happy. She taught me that if I try my hardest that it is all I can do,” Abbi emphasized.  “She gave me a productive work ethic.”

One of the activities that brings Abbi the happiness that her mother wishes for her is her favorite elective, choir. She describes it as a place to feel comfortable. “It is more than a class because it gives students of all interests a place [to belong].”

The extracurricular that Abbi got the most enjoyment from was varsity danceline. Specifically, she loved the team that was together during her senior year, especially as they faced and overcame the challenges of the pandemic. “Our performances were extremely successful and our team was closer than ever.”

The most important lesson that Abbi learned outside of the classroom was that hard work pays off, but it may pay off in unexpected ways.  To those who follow in her footsteps, she stresses the importance of doing “whatever makes you happy, even if that might not be what other people want you to do. Hard work is important, but enjoying your life is more important.”  Those closest to her know that she is a person who lives by her own advice. 

Abbi’s future plans include attending the University of South Carolina for a degree in exercise science and to study dance, eventually becoming a pediatric therapist.



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