Wildcats: Proud to Be Americans




“The President should care for the people of his nation above his own welfare and do everything in his power to stand up for the people of the nation, serving fair justice to all citizens. He should stand strong against any foe and never apologize for doing the right things to help his nation.”

~Thomas Presnar, Junior









“I love the fact that in America, you are told to dream big and then plan on how to get there. We have so many opportunities at our fingertips, and for that, we are incredibly lucky.”

~Riley Bruce, Junior 











“I have more rights compared to other women in other countries.”

~Rhiannon Boone, Junior









I love having the freedom to be able to make many moral decisions for myself. Many people in other countries are forced to conform to certain beliefs, but that is not as much of a threat here in the United States.”

~Hannah Yeykal, Junior 










“I love taking pride in and standing for the national anthem.”

~Jake Natale, Freshman









“I think our president should be tough and have the bravery and integrity to follow through on ideas even when people do not like them.”

~Hayden McQuiston, Freshman










“I think the president should be a representation of all people, not just one group of people. I also think the president should be a decision of who will do the best, not who will do the least bad. I also think the president should be honest and come forward with any of their faults. I also think the president should know their history well.” 

~Makenzie Sheridan, Freshman





“I love my 1st amendment rights.” 

~Colton Fedrizzi, Freshman














We all have the same rights.”

~Lexias Perod, 7th grade









“I would like the president to be someone who supports BLM, lqbtq+ rights, and women’s rights.”

~Olivia Miller, 7th grade












“I like having free rights and not being told what you have to believe in.”

~Kayla Wheelock, 7th grade








” I love that I am in a country where I can speak freely.”

~Tyler Wittman, Junior 













I love that we are such a strong country and how everyone has such strong beliefs.” 

~Lindsey D’Angelo, 8th grade










Fairness and equality. I feel like i want a president that gives everyone equal rights and doesnt judge people by their differences and knows what there’ye doing.”

~Gavin Reed, 7th grade







“I like how there are a lot of cultures and ways of life. I can also be who I want to be.”

~Rachel Callahan, 8th grade






“I love the ability that we are able to choose what we do when we grow up.”

~Hannah Krouse, 8th grade 












“I think that the president should try to bring us together instead of pushing us apart.”

~Gavin Bruce, 8th grade 










“I think the president should embody how we need to all work as a country, not as one person. That will make us a better country.”

~Jacob Bupp, 7th grade








“Any president should have the ability to make quick and right-minded decisions.  He/ she should be able to not let his own feelings get in the way of his leadership because he is leading thousands of people and a country to great success.”

~Mackenzie Mohr, 8th grade










“I love the fact that us Americans have freedom unlike other country’s!”

~Malayna Joseph, 8th grade 










“The qualities a president should have are promising: The president can promise freedom and greatness for our country. Kindness: I do not want a president to be rude and mean, I want them to be kind and gentle to our country. Lastly, Leadership: I want the president to be able to lead us in the right direction, to lead us in the right direction to keep our freedom.”

~Candace Scochor, 7th grade 










“I believe the President should stand for diversity, peace, and equality.”

~Breona Sipe, 8th grade 


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