Eyes on Anatomy and Physiology

by Carmen Medvit and Haley Morgan

Do you think you could stomach dissecting the different muscles and organs of a cat? Mrs. Miller’s anatomy and physiology classes better be able to answer yes to that question! 

Anatomy is an upperclassman elective that is designed to mirror a college lecture course. The students learn, in-depth, the main body systems and how they work, and eventually get to see and feel them in person with a cat dissection. This is a class students would want to take if they are planning to go into any health-related field of study in college.

Kelsey Campbell aspires to be a nurse, so this class is imperative for her. “This class will really help me prepare for my future because I want to go to nursing school. The material we’re learning right now is really interesting to me so far. I look forward to the rest of the year.” 

“I’ve never taken a class where we’ve studied the body in such depth,” senior Vince Sibeto explained.  “This will definitely prepare me for college, especially since I plan to be a pharmacist.  I also am learning how to model Mrs. Miller’s notes since I know that is a skill I’ll need.”

Aidan Johnson enjoys learning the “why behind injuries and how to fix them. The class is interesting to me, and I know it will be critical in my future as I contemplate a career as either an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist.” 

Mrs. Miller designs her instruction to be modeled after what students will experience in a post-high school setting.  Not only does she deliver instruction in the popular lecture style, but offers hands-on experiences that help students apply what they’ve learned.  

One of the most notorious parts of Anatomy is the cat dissection. This part of the class can be a deciding factor for some students to judge whether or not they want to end up in the medical field.

“For a lot of people the cat is their first chance to work with a body of any sort, and I’ve had students come through who want to be a nurse or want to be a doctor and they get one look at the cat’s tissues and they can’t stomach it.” Mrs. Miller went on to say. “Then [there are] other people who aren’t interested in the medical field, and we get the cats open and they’re like, oh my gosh, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” 

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